NESC's Dr. Jeanne Moore participates in the Open SDGclub.Berlin, in Berlin

NESC's Dr. Jeanne Moore participates in the Open SDGclub.Berlin, in Berlin

23 November 2016

NESC Policy Analyst Dr. Jeanne Moore participates in the Open SDGclub.Berlin, in the Movenpick Hotel in Berlin on 21-23 November 2016.

With the Open SDGclub.Berlin, the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) offers an inclusive and collaborative platform for mutual encouragement to all those who embrace the transformative character of the Agenda 2030. This initiative will be instrumental to transport the sense of belonging to the common cause of reaching the SDGs in their universal relevance. While Agenda 2030 requires to be implemented first and foremost on the national and subnational level those efforts can – and must – build on experiences and good practices. Sustainable development actions are astonishing and encouraging, but to a large extent they are yet untold. We choose the title to show a non-exclusive understanding and an openness for initiates to repeat and multiply Open SDGclubs.

The Open SDGclub.Berlin meeting is designed for representatives of national Sustainable Development Councils or similar advisory bodies, of civil society movements or from the local community level. What collectively qualifies them is that they are engaged in Agenda 2030 implementation at their respective level. Most of them come from the countries that have first reported to HLPF in 2016.

The three-days meeting aims at facilitating mutual learning, sharing of experiences, networking, and brainstorming. It focusses on innovative solutions, courageous action and possibly new partnerships.

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