NESC Council Reports

Urbanisation and Regional Development in Ireland

Report Number: 45       Date Published: Jun 1979

Productivity and Management

Report Number: 43       Date Published: Feb 1979

Comments on Development for Full Employment

Report Number: 44       Date Published: Dec 1978

Policies to Accelerate Agricultural and Rural Development

Report Number: 40       Date Published: Sep 1978

Rural Areas: Change and Development

Report Number: 41       Date Published: Sep 1978

Report on Policies for Agriculture Development

Report Number: 42       Date Published: Sep 1978

Universality and Selectivity: Social Services in Ireland

Report Number: 38       Date Published: Jun 1978

The Work of the NESC: 1977

Report Number: 39       Date Published: Jun 1978

Integrated Approaches to Personal Income Taxes and Transfers

Report Number: 37       Date Published: Mar 1978

Universality and Selectivity: Strategies in Social Policy

Report Number: 36       Date Published: Jan 1978

Alternative Growth Rates in Agriculture

Report Number: 34       Date Published: Oct 1977

Population and Employment Projections 1986: A Reassessment

Report Number: 35       Date Published: Oct 1977

The Potential for Growth in Irish Tax Revenues

Report Number: 31       Date Published: Sep 1977

The Work of the NESC: 1974-76

Report Number: 32       Date Published: Sep 1977

Service-type Employment and Regional Development

Report Number: 28       Date Published: Jul 1977

Some Major Issues in Health Policy

Report Number: 29       Date Published: Jul 1977

Personal Incomes by County in 1973

Report Number: 30       Date Published: Jul 1977

Comments on Economic and Social Development 1976-1980

Report Number: 33       Date Published: Jul 1977

New Farm Operators, 1971 to 1975

Report Number: 27       Date Published: Apr 1977

Towards a Social Report

Report Number: 25       Date Published: Mar 1977

Report on Housing Subsidies

Report Number: 23       Date Published: Feb 1977

Prelude to Planning

Report Number: 26       Date Published: Oct 1976

Statistics for Social Policy

Report Number: 17       Date Published: Sep 1976

Population Projections 1971-86: The Implications for Education

Report Number: 18       Date Published: Jul 1976