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Good Jobs and Transition

The Council has produced a significant report on the impact on employment of the transition associated with climate change and digital automation. One finding was the importance of quality work and good jobs as critical in tackling vulnerability for sectors, firms, and workers. A subsequent piece of NESC research showed how Covid-19 brought new vulnerabilities to light and re-emphasised some pre-existing ones. It has forced a reappraisal of what are often termed ‘good jobs’ and how work is valued. NESC continues to research these issues and has just published a Secretariat Paper on the ‘Good Jobs Agenda’ as part of its ongoing work for the Shared Island Initiative.  This paper identifies the ‘good jobs’ agenda as a concerted policy drive  to improve the quality and productivity of work and the experiences, incomes and standard of living of workers.  This agenda is focused on discovering the suite of measures and actions that will improve job quality within the labour market.  Drawing on interviews with stakeholders in Ireland and Northern Ireland, it finds that there is strong support for an all-island approach to ‘good-jobs’.

A follow-up report is currently being drafted and will be presented before Council in summer 2024.

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