Climate Change-Meeting Ireland's 2020 Obligations:  NESC/UCD Workshop

Climate Change-Meeting Ireland's 2020 Obligations: NESC/UCD Workshop

Dublin, Wednesday May 16th, Studio 3, Planning Building, UCD Richview

The Challenge

NESC have been tasked with identifying a set of potential policies and measures to close the distance to Ireland’s greenhouse gas emission reduction target in the compliance period 2013-2020. It is clear that without innovative science and policy Ireland is unlikely to meet its non-EU ETS emissions mitigation obligations.  It is also clear that we are in a period of continuing pressure on public finances; solutions need to be as close to least cost as possible, and ideally would also have the potential to generate sustainable enterprise and employment.

The UCD Earth Institute and the National Economic and Social Council organised this workshop with a view to examining how innovation in science and policy can help in meeting our obligations. Speakers identified ‘smart science’ and ‘smart policy’ that will help move us towards meeting targets, but that are not currently part of the existing modelling or set of measures that are known

The Audience

The workshop was invitation only, and comprised of individuals who have some knowledge and engagement with the sectors and issues, in particular those who have insights as regards innovations not yet in the mix.  Please use the links below to see presentations given on the day.