Energy Efficiency & the Passive House Standard - Rountable

Energy Efficiency & the Passive House Standard - Rountable

26 April 2016


NESC hosted a roundtable event on energy efficiency and the Passive House standard, on the 27th of April 2016.

The aim of this event was to discuss issues that arise in how we approach energy efficiency and regulation of buildings in Ireland. This interest in this area originated from NESC’s work both on housing and sustainable development.

Since 2014 NESC has published four reports on housing policy covering social housing, changes in tenure, the rental sector as well as housing supply and land. Sustainable development is part of NESC’s brief and NESC has produced several reports on sustainability issues including climate change policy and community engagement and wind energy. The approach to building is clearing critical to the move to a low carbon economy since the buildings we create today will still be here in a century’s time if properly maintained.

As part of ongoing work on housing and sustainable development, NESC is looking at building standards and, in particular, the ‘Passive House’ idea, the ‘Part L’ standard and ‘Near Zero’ buildings. NESC's interest is in how the issue of energy efficiency standards and verification relates to wider challenges in Irish housing, construction and building regulation.