NESC Council Reports

Rural Areas: Social Planning Problems

Report Number: 19       Date Published: Jul 1976

The Future of Public Expenditure in Ireland

Report Number: 20       Date Published: Jul 1976

Report on Public Expenditure

Report Number: 21       Date Published: Jul 1976

Institutional Arrangements for Regional Economic Development

Report Number: 22       Date Published: Jul 1976

Some Aspects of Finance for Owner-Occupied Housing

Report Number: 16       Date Published: Jun 1976

The Taxation of Farming Profits

Report Number: 15       Date Published: Feb 1976

Educational Expenditure in Ireland

Report Number: 12       Date Published: Jan 1976

Causes and Effects of Inflation in Ireland

Report Number: 10       Date Published: Oct 1975

Economy in 1975 and Prospects for 1976

Report Number: 13       Date Published: Oct 1975

Income Distribution: A Preliminary Report

Report Number: 11       Date Published: Sep 1975

Comments on the OECD Report on Manpower Policy in Ireland

Report Number: 6       Date Published: Jul 1975

Jobs and Living Standards: Projections and Implications

Report Number: 7       Date Published: Jun 1975

An Approach to Social Policy

Report Number: 8       Date Published: Jun 1975

Report on Inflation

Report Number: 9       Date Published: Jun 1975

Population and Employment Projections: 1971-1986

Report Number: 5       Date Published: Feb 1975

Regional Policy in Ireland : A Review

Report Number: 4       Date Published: Jan 1975

The Economy in 1974 and Outlook for '75

Report Number: 3       Date Published: Nov 1974

Comments on Capital Taxation Proposals

Report Number: 2       Date Published: Jul 1974

Report on Economy in 1973 and the Prospects for 1974

Report Number: 1       Date Published: Apr 1974