NESC Council Reports

The Euro: An Irish Perspective

Report Number: 121       Date Published: Aug 2010

Well-being Matters: A Social Report for Ireland

Report Number: 119       Date Published: Nov 2009

Ireland’s Five-Part Crisis: An Integrated National Response

Report Number: 118       Date Published: Mar 2009

The Irish Economy in the Early 21st Century

Report Number: 117       Date Published: Jun 2008

Managing Migration in Ireland

Report Number: 116       Date Published: Sep 2006

Migration Policy

Report Number: 115       Date Published: Sep 2006

NESC Strategy 2006: People, Productivity and Purpose

Report Number: 114       Date Published: Dec 2005

The Developmental Welfare State

Report Number: 113       Date Published: May 2005

Housing in Ireland: Performance and Policy

Report Number: 112       Date Published: Dec 2004

An Investment in Quality: Services, Inclusion and Enterprise

Report Number: 111       Date Published: Mar 2003

Achieving Quality Outcomes: The Management of Public Expenditure

Report Number: 109       Date Published: Dec 2002

Benchmarking the Programme for Prosperity and Fairness

Report Number: 107       Date Published: Jan 2002

National Progress Indicators Economic, Social and Environmental Development

Report Number: 108       Date Published: Jan 2002

Review of the Poverty Proofing Process

Report Number: 106       Date Published: Dec 2001

Opportunities, Challenges and Capacities for Choice

Report Number: 105       Date Published: Dec 1999

Private Sector Investment in Ireland

Report Number: 103       Date Published: Feb 1998

The Irish Economy in a Comparative Institutional Perspective

Report Number: 93       Date Published: Dec 1997

Population Distribution and Economic Development:Trends and Policy Implications

Report Number: 102       Date Published: Dec 1997

European Union: Integration and Enlargement

Report Number: 101       Date Published: Jan 1997

Strategy into the 21st Century

Report Number: 99       Date Published: Dec 1996

Networking for Competitive Advantage

Report Number: 100       Date Published: Nov 1996

New Approaches to Rural Development

Report Number: 97       Date Published: Feb 1995