NESC Council Reports

A Strategy for Competitiveness, Growth and Employment

Report Number: 96       Date Published: Jan 1994

The Association between Economic Growth and Employment Growth in Ireland

Report Number: 94       Date Published: Oct 1993

Education and Training Policies for Economic and Social Development

Report Number: 95       Date Published: Oct 1993

The Impact of Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy

Report Number: 92       Date Published: May 1992

Women's Participation in the Irish Labour Market

Report Number: 91       Date Published: Jan 1992

The Economic and Social Implications of Emigration

Report Number: 90       Date Published: May 1991

A Strategy for the Nineties: Economic Stability and Structural Change

Report Number: 89       Date Published: Oct 1990

Ireland in the European Community: Performance, Prospects and Strategy

Report Number: 88       Date Published: Sep 1989

A Review of Housing Policy

Report Number: 87       Date Published: Mar 1989

The Nature and Functioning of Labour Markets

Report Number: 86       Date Published: Dec 1988

A Strategy for Development 1986-1990

Report Number: 83       Date Published: Nov 1987

Community Care Services: An Overview

Report Number: 84       Date Published: Nov 1987

Manpower Policy in Ireland

Report Number: 82       Date Published: Jan 1986

Designation of Areas for Industrial Policy

Report Number: 81       Date Published: Nov 1985

Information for Policy

Report Number: 78       Date Published: Jul 1985

The Financing of Local Authorities

Report Number: 80       Date Published: May 1985

Economic and Social Policy Assessment

Report Number: 79       Date Published: Jan 1985

The Criminal Justice System: Policy and Performance

Report Number: 77       Date Published: Dec 1984

The Role of the Financial System in Financing the Traded Sector

Report Number: 76       Date Published: Oct 1984

Education: The Implications of Demographic Change

Report Number: 71       Date Published: Apr 1984

Social Welfare: The Implications of Demographic Change

Report Number: 72       Date Published: Apr 1984

Health Services: The Implications of Demographic Change

Report Number: 73       Date Published: Apr 1984

Irish Energy Policy

Report Number: 74       Date Published: Apr 1984

Economic and Social Policy 1983: Aims and Recommendations

Report Number: 75       Date Published: Apr 1984