NESC Council Reports

Social Planning in Ireland : Its Purposes and Organisational Requirements

Report Number: 68       Date Published: Aug 1983

Housing Requirements and Population Change 1981-1991

Report Number: 69       Date Published: Aug 1983

An Analysis of Job Losses in Irish Manufacturing Industry

Report Number: 67       Date Published: Jun 1983

Economic and Social Policy 1982: Aims and Recommendations

Report Number: 70       Date Published: Apr 1983

Farm Incomes

Report Number: 65       Date Published: Nov 1982

Population and Labour Force Projections by County and Region, 1979-1991

Report Number: 63       Date Published: Oct 1982

A Review of Industrial Policy

Report Number: 64       Date Published: Oct 1982

Policies for Industrial Development

Report Number: 66       Date Published: Oct 1982

Minerals Policy

Report Number: 60       Date Published: Oct 1981

Irish Social Policies: Priorities for Future Development

Report Number: 61       Date Published: Oct 1981

Economic and Social Policy 1981: Aims and Recommendations

Report Number: 62       Date Published: Oct 1981

Urbanisation: Problems of Growth and Decay in Dublin

Report Number: 55       Date Published: Sep 1981

The Socio-Economic Position of Ireland within the EEC

Report Number: 58       Date Published: Sep 1981

Industrial Employment and the Regions 1960-1982

Report Number: 57       Date Published: May 1981

The Future of the NESC

Report Number: 54       Date Published: Feb 1981

Personal Incomes by Region in 1977

Report Number: 51       Date Published: Dec 1980

Tourism Policy

Report Number: 52       Date Published: Dec 1980

Economic and Social Policy 1980-1983: Aims and Recommendations

Report Number: 53       Date Published: Nov 1980

Major Issues in Planning Services for Mentally and Physically Handicapped Persons

Report Number: 50       Date Published: Oct 1980

Enterprise in the Public Sector

Report Number: 49       Date Published: May 1980

Alternative Strategies for Family Income Support

Report Number: 47       Date Published: Apr 1980

Transport Policy

Report Number: 48       Date Published: Mar 1980

Irish Forestry Policy

Report Number: 46       Date Published: Sep 1979