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Shared Island: Shared Opportunity – Derry

The National Economic and Social Council (NESC), in association with the Department of the Taoiseach and co-hosted by The Playhouse, is holding an in-person event to discuss the findings of its Shared Island work.

The event will discuss the findings of NESC’s Shared Island Report – Shared Island Shared Opportunity: NESC Comprehensive Report, which was launched by Taoiseach Micheál Martin T.D. on 12th April 2022. The event will also consider and launch a report Exploring Shared Opportunities in the North West based on focus groups which took place in September/October 2021, moderated by Caitriona Mullan.

As part of the Government’s Shared Island Initiative the Department of the Taoiseach requested the National Economic and Social Council (NESC) to undertake research and to produce a comprehensive report on the Shared Island, to inform the development of the Shared Island initiative as a whole of Government priority. As part of this work, NESC undertook an in-depth exploration of cross-border and all-island cooperation in the North West. This work included focus groups on: Good Jobs, Green Transformation; Poverty and Mental Health; and Mechanisms for Cooperation.

Extensive consultation has informed the NESC Shared Island research work. This involved in excess of 100 meetings with practitioners, policy makers, academics and experts from a diverse range of institutions across the whole island.

NESC has been undertaking work on a Shared Island over the last 18 months, publishing three Council Reports, six Secretariat Papers and one Background Paper on the Shared Island, see NESC’s website at

The event will be of interest to policy makers, business, environmental, community and voluntary organisations, practitioners, local authorities, academics and interested individuals.


View the Programme here.


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