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Housing Policy: Actions to Deliver Change

Prior to the Covid-19 crisis Ireland faced significant challenges in the housing sector including insufficient housing output, acute affordability pressures in the private rental sector and high unmet need for social housing. It is over two years since the Council set out its analysis of Ireland’s system of urban development, land management and housing provision. That research concluded that the system was dysfunctional and that a suite of actions were required to fix it.  The Council’s consistent and long-standing position on housing and land-use policy is that Ireland must bring about a fundamental change in its system of urban development, land management and housing provision. Ireland must evolve from a speculative and highly cyclical system to a permanently affordable, stable and more sustainable system of housing.

Pursuing that objective, NESC’s current research is concerned with two-related issues. First, bridging the supply gap by actively managing land and locational value for public good; and second, bridging the affordability gap by engineering-in permanent affordability.

Separately, the Council has recommended the adoption of a more sustainable form of urban development (transport-orientated development) on foot of a significant, recent research study.


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