Land Use, Land Value and Urban Development

Land Use, Land Value and Urban Development

Ireland’s housing system is facing a crisis. While there are many aspects to this crisis the issue of how to provide both affordable rental and owner-occupied housing for a growing proportion of the population remains paramount. It is also accepted that Ireland needs to achieve a substantial and sustained increase in the level of investment in public transport particularly in urban settings. This research seeks to explore the role of land use, land value capture and urban development in addressing these twin policy challenges.

This research project involves three interrelated strands of work.

Firstly it will examine approaches to land use that have been effective in addressing the challenges of housing, transport infrastructure and urban development internationally.

Secondly the study will document Ireland’s experience in regard to land management, including recent initiatives introduced under Rebuilding Ireland. It will also identify what Ireland seeks to achieve, in terms of the strategic use of land for housing and infrastructure, as set out in the National Planning Framework (NPF).

Finally drawing on both Irish and international experience, the study will explore what further policy measures are most likely to enable Ireland to achieve its policy objectives in these two areas. Among the issues to be considered are:

  • policy and institutional measures to better manage state-controlled land
  • measures to secure the effective availability of land in private ownership, to underpin sustainable housing supply and affordability, and
  • alternative approaches to the funding and financing strategic infrastructure, including land value capture.

View a recent policy workshop on this topic here.

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