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Land Use, Land Value and Urban Development

NESC has helped build consensus across diverse economic and social groups on the issue of housing. It has done so by creating a shared understanding and vision of the overall system, rooted in active and sustainable land use and development and commitment to permanent affordability.

Housing for All reflects several themes that have been prominent in NESC’s work. The Council has expressed the view that ‘housing must be approached as a system: an interrelated set of connected parts where change is complex and takes time.  The Council has argued that Ireland must change its system of urban development, land management and housing provision––that the system is dysfunctional and that a suite of actions is required to fix it. In particular, NESC has argued for the need to create the conditions and institutions for more active land management and new kinds of relationships between public authorities and private holders of development land.

NESC work is currently focused on actions to enhance the short and medium term supply of social, cost-rental and affordable homes.  A paper completed for South Dublin County Council, focused on medium-term actions which would help underpin supply of land for Local Authorities.

Past NESC Council, and Secretariat, work in this area and agreed by the Council in previous terms, can be accessed in the following pages:

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