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People & Places

 OECD LEED study on People and Places:

Weaving Together Policies for Social Inclusion in Ireland


Senior Policy Analyst, Dr Helen Johnston, has provided national expertise to an OECD study examining how social and economic disadvantage is being addressed following the economic crash in 2008.  The study examines the national socio-economic context and policy framework for tackling disadvantage before providing detailed insights into two case study areas, one urban (Blanchardstown RAPID area) and one rural (north County Meath).  While these case studies describe and analyse the specific local context in each chosen area, more broadly, they help to paint a picture of drivers and responses to disadvantage at the local level across Ireland. 

The emerging findings show the need to:

  • improve governance and build capacities at the local level;
  • leverage community assets through social enterprises; and
  • increase accessibility to economic opportunity. 

The study is due to be published as an OECD working paper in the autumn of 2016. 

For further information on this OECD project click here.

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