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Sustainable Development

Since 2012, NESC has integrated a sustainable development perspective more fully into its work programme, which since 2016 has been supported by the Department of  Environment, Climate & Communications

NESC has developed its work in two ways. It integrates sustainable development issues into its analysis of significant national challenges. It also conducts research on specific areas of interest in sustainable development.

European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC)

NESC is a member of the European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC) which is a network of advisory bodies established by national or regional governments.  EEAC members offer independent advice to their respective national or regional governments, proposing solutions and new understandings of the critical challenges facing our societies and the planet.

In October 2020, NESC was the host member of the 28th EEAC Annual Conference ‘Delivering a Just Transition for All’.  See here for more details on this event.

European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN)

NESC is also an associate member of the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN) The ESDN is an informal network of public administrators and other experts dealing with sustainable development (SD) strategies in Europe.

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