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Careers in NESC

Policy Analyst (Assistant Principal Higher)


We are seeking to fill a Policy Analyst position.


The Policy Analyst is a member of the analytical team within the Secretariat and is expected to bring their expertise to regular discussions of the organisation’s full work programme.

The Policy Analyst’s core role is to undertake policy-relevant research, including analytical work and drafting of material; and, to engage in dialogue with multiple stakeholders and experts. The Policy Analyst will prepare briefings on relevant topics for use by the Director and colleagues in NESC at external engagements.

In addition, the Policy Analyst must take responsibility for a project and have the ability to manage the completion and promotion of reports. This may include management of other analytical staff, leading a project team and reporting to the Director.

The Policy Analyst is expected to attend relevant national and international meetings on research and policy. Members of the Secretariat are encouraged to publish research based on their work, provided it does not interfere with their work for the Council or compromise the policy position of the Council.

Closing date for receipt of online applications is 5pm on Friday, 31st May 2024.


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