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Well-Being Framework

Following its work on Ireland’s Well-being Framework: Consultation Report, NESC has now begun a second phase of work to support the development of a comprehensive well-being framework. Two areas will be focused on:

  • Towards Transformative Outcomes: This work will look at the implementation of wellbeing frameworks, including how they are incorporated into the policy-making process, budgeting and evaluation. It will look in detail at international work, including that in New Zealand and Scotland; and also draw on selected Irish work (e.g. performance and equality budgeting; and sectoral approaches in certain areas such as children’s well-being).
  • Equity: The Government’s First Report on a Well-being Framework for Ireland argued that ‘an important use of the Well-Being framework will be to facilitate a more systematic identification of specific groups within society that experience inequality across a number of dimensions’ (p.17).
    Therefore NESC will consider how a well-being framework could support a deeper and fresh understanding of the factors that lead to inequality and disadvantage in Ireland, and how to break the pattern of continuing and inter-generational inequity. This work will also explore some of the vulnerabilities and inequalities which became more evident during the pandemic.

Outputs from this second phase of work will be published in the first half of 2022.

See the Wellbeing Portal for more about the Government initiative A Well-being Framework for Ireland.

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