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Talmhaíocht agus Gníomhú ar son na hAeráide

Government commitments to legally binding greenhouse gas reductions of 51 per cent by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050 imply significant changes for the agricultural sector over the coming decade; as a result, NESC was requested by Government to undertake research on climate and agriculture.

This project explored how a just transition approach to the area of agriculture and land use in Ireland can ensure that climate targets can be met in a manner that is socially inclusive, economically viable and environmentally sustainable. The work, which drew on previous NESC work on just transition, looked in practical terms at the options for transition and the ways in which policy can identify and support people impacted by transition.

In October 2022, farmers from around the country were invited to participate in workshops – held in Tubbercurry, Tullamore and Mitchelstown – to hear about their experience with climate change and their views on measures for reducing emissions. The views of farmers, in particular on the barriers to and enablers of transition, informed the final report, Just Transition in Agriculture and Land Use, which was published following a conference held in the Convention Centre Dublin on 30th June 2023 – to view photos of the event please click here.

A multi-stakeholder working group, chaired by Professor Thia Hennessey supported the project. The group met for the fourth time on Thursday 24th November 2022 in Portlaoise. View the Terms of Reference for this group here.

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