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The Irish energy system is still dependent on fossil fuels. While transformation of the energy system has already begun, is not progressing fast enough and there is a lack of public awareness of what this involves. This programme of work aims to enhance a common understanding of the energy transition that considers the changes needed to eliminate fossil fuel use from Ireland and meet climate objectives, while at the same time increasing well-being and ensuring a just transition.

The programme will focus mainly on the power and heat services of the energy system in Ireland and examine four areas:

  • The economic benefits and enterprise opportunities arising from large-scale investment in, and delivery of, clean energy infrastructure, as part of Ireland becoming fossil fuel-free;
  • What the changing energy system will mean for households and communities;
  • Energy poverty in the context of a changing energy system; and
  • How different aspects of the energy transition fit together, using various systems analysis techniques.

All of the above will help to inform what a coherent strategy and narrative might be for the transformation of the whole energy system, to decarbonise while increasing well-being. The shared island will be a cross cutting theme of the programme.

Work on this programme will be ongoing throughout the rest of 2024.

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