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Policy Analyst (Economy, Resilience & Vulnerability)

Applications are invited from eligible officers at Assistant Principal grade or equivalent for the
position of Policy Analyst – National Economic and Social Council. The secondment (which is
on a full-time basis) will be for an initial period of 1 year with the possibility of extension


National Economic and Social Council, 16 Parnell Square, Dublin 1


National Economic and Social Council (NESC) was established in 1973 and advises the Taoiseach on strategic policy issues relating to
sustainable economic, social and environmental development in Ireland. NESC was given a
statutory basis under the National Economic and Social Development Act 2006. In 2012 the
sustainable development role of Comhar (the Sustainable Development Office) was
integrated into NESC.
NESC has a long record as the vehicle for multilateral dialogue between government,
employers, trade unions, farming interests, community and voluntary and environmental
interests, and independent experts.
The Council’s composition and working methods, including working groups, open policy
debates and workshops, enable it to take on board diverse types of evidence and data, a
multiplicity of interests and opinions, stakeholders’ views on many issues, and to assess a
variety of responses on complex policy issues.

The key functions of NESC are:

  • Analysis and synthesis of the existing state of knowledge, prevailing policy
    approaches and understandings of key stakeholders;
  • A focus on re-framing problems based on an ongoing mix of analysis, problem-solving and deliberation;
  • Close, early, and ongoing consultation with the policy system and other
  • A unique institutional perspective which brings both top-down and bottom-up views,
    to bear on particular policy problems.

The Council is working on a number of areas including:

  • Economy, Resilience and Vulnerability
  • Sustainable Development including Just Transition in Agriculture
  • Housing, Land and Sustainable Urban Development
  • Shared Island
  • Ireland’s Well-Being Framework.

Job Description

NESC work on Economy, Resilience and Vulnerability (ERV) is focusing on the cost-of-living
crisis. It is examining the broader context in which the crisis is occurring, considering issues
such as demographics, spending and expenditure patterns and choices, particularly in relation
to quality social and human services; economic fundamentals including the dynamics of
prices/wages, competitiveness and productivity; and climate change and environmental
objectives and challenges.
The work is probing links between economy, society and environment to improve our
understanding of resilience but also vulnerability; and, to identify and better understand the
impact of short-term actions and longer-term consequences.
The Policy Analyst will undertake analysis and draft papers to support the work of the ERV
project and other work that may be assigned by the Director/Project Leader.
The Policy Analyst will be a member of the wider analytical group within the Secretariat and
will be expected to bring their expertise to regular discussions of the organisation’s full work
programme. The Policy Analyst will prepare briefing on relevant topics for use by the Director
and colleagues in NESC at external engagements.

Applications are sought from candidates with knowledge and expertise in one or more of the
following areas:

  • Economic trends and dynamics of the Irish economy, including inflation and
    monetary policy;
  • National and international data and forecasts regarding key economic considerations
    (e.g. trade, investment, competitiveness, productivity, innovation); and,
  • Enterprise and sectoral policy, in particular in relation to agriculture and agri-food,
    ICT (digital transition), foreign direct investment, or indigenous enterprise.

Other desirable characteristics include experience in:

  • Working with big data, data analytics and data processing techniques; and,
  • Working in an inter-disciplinary team and environment.

The key competencies that will guide the selection are evidence of:

  • Standards and high performance;
  • Effective interaction with stakeholders;
  • Commitment to serving the public and the public good;
  • Strong commitment to team-working; and
  • Resilience and self-development.


Eligible officers are serving Assistant Principal or equivalent who have completed probation

  1. are suitable for appointment from the point of view of health and sick leave in
    accordance with the sick leave circulars; and
  2. obtained a rating of “Satisfactory” in their last PMDS annual review.

Please note that sick leave levels and PMDS ratings will only be verified immediately prior to

How to apply

Applicants should email a short personal statement of interest together with their Curriculum
Vitae and any other information which may be relevant to: recruitment@nesc.ie by 5pm on
30th September 2022. If you require further information please email Edna Jordan:

Selection process

Selection will be made by the Director of NESC based on the applications received. An
interview to confirm suitability may also be required.

Applicant Privacy Statement

Applicants are requested to note the Applicant Privacy Statement in the Appendix
setting out how personal data provided will be used and associated entitlements.

To view Appendix please click here.

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